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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pilikana and a unique Affiliate program

Pilikana offers you opportunities to earn income by referring members to their website.

Pilikana's revenue source is displaying advertisements such as Google ads. Instead of paying you a fixed amount per referred member, Pilikana uses a different method that will allow you to share part of that revenue. Every time a member's profile is displayed, Pilikana will display some advertisements contextually related to that profile. If the viewer clicks on the ad, Pilikana earns income. If that member is referred by you and you provide your Google AdSense JavaScript code to them when you join as an affiliate, Pilikana will display your ad and you will get the opportunity to earn income. Currently affiliates get 10% of the ad impressions. That means if you refer a member and his or her profile is viewed 100 times, your ad will get 10 impressions. You can potentially earn income from all these 10 impressions.

This method means a significant benefit to you. With the traditional commission method, you will only earn more if you refer more people. With our method, your potential income doesn't solely depends on the number of the members your refer. Your income potential is unlimited even if you only refer a few members but their profiles become very popular.

When you join as an affiliate, you will be asked to enter your Google AdSense JavaScript code. Pilikana will automatically select an appropriate format for the page where the ad is displayed.

So what are you waiting for? Go to Pilikana to become an affiliate now and start earning income!

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