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Monday, May 26, 2008

Love to shop?

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My One Thing purchase this month was a magazine subscription for only $5.95! There are some awesome deals and discounts available. Some items even include FREE shipping! It's so easy to find something that you would normally buy anyways... So why not check it out? Oh! Did I mention it's 100% FREE to join?! Click on the banner below to see how you can start earning money just by giving away Power Malls! You've got nothing to lose and money to gain!

Friday, May 23, 2008

The clean-up has begun

Well, I finally started the clean-up on my blog here to remove some of the programs that haven't produced anything and/or weren't worth the time and effort needed to make them work (at least in my opinion).
The first to go was TrafficZap Exchange. It may have generated a little traffic, but the pop-under was so annoying! Those of you that frequent my blog would probably agree, but I thank you for putting up with it until I came to my senses! It seemed to slow down the loading time of my page as well as interfering with my ability to click on links, etc... So... It had to go!
The next on the list was the Gomez PEER. They claim that you can earn cash for every minute your PC is on and connected to the Internet by running the Gomez PEER. They also claim that you will help them provide the most realistic picture of Web performance. Well, after the first night of running it I was ready to give up! My pc kept crashing and it took quite awhile just to earn one cent! I also noticed where they state "Be rewarded simply for being online! Earn over $1 per month just for having your PC online 20 hours a day!" Are they kidding??? $1 per month??? Needless to say, I canceled my account tonight and forfeited the whole 2 cents that I had earned. It definitely wasn't worth the headaches.
Anyways, there will be more clean-ups to report as soon as I sort through them. I will keep you posted on which ones I'm terminating and my reasons for dropping them.
I will also let you know what will be staying. And for all of my loyal Entrecard droppers out there... I am keeping Entrecard!
It treats me well and I can credit alot of my recent traffic to them. I myself may not be dropping as much as I did when I first joined Ecard, because it can become quite addicting. But I do think it's worth hanging onto. My newest goal with Ecard is to actually aim for more quality traffic now, and not just get the "hit and runners"...
That's all for tonight... I've really got to try and catch up on some sleep. It's been a busy week! I spent Tuesday evening at the Castro Valley Mom's Club's Pamper Night event. I had one of the vendor display tables set up with my Gourmet Candles. It was a fun event and I loved having the opportunity to share my Organic Scents with all the mommies... I'll try to post a few pictures of my display tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to download them yet. Until then... I hope you're all having a great week!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Helping Others Succeed

Today I would like to share an encouraging word that I received from Joel Osteen Ministries.

"God's system works on the principle of sowing and reaping. What
you pour out will come back to you in increased measure. When you give
generously, a generous harvest will return to you. When you help
others succeed, you will find abundant success on your path, too. What
are you investing in the lives of the people around you? Are you
helping others get ahead? There are people in your life who hold the
keys for you to reach your full potential. These are people that God
has placed in your life for you to help along. The higher they rise
up, the higher you will rise up. When you give generously of your
time, talent, and resources, you are setting yourself up for greater
success. People will come across your path that will help you grow and
reach your full potential. But you have to do your part to step out
and sow the seed. Be on the lookout for ways you can help others. As
you give of yourself to help others grow, you'll rise higher and
live the abundant life He has in store for you."

Today's Scripture:

"Send your grain across the seas, and in time, profits will flow
back to you" (Ecclesiastes 11:1 NLT).

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Quest for Comments

In an effort to get some reader participation here, I'm posting these 10 Tips To Get More Blog Comments that I received in an e-mail from Popular Wealth's Stuff to Blog About! I also learned alot from these tips and will be taking action on some of them as well...

Did you know that between 95% and 99% of internet visitors will not leave a blog comment!

Almost all blog visitors are lurkers and a very small percentage of those visitors will take the time to leave blog comments or to interact with your site in general. In fact your blog’s most loyal followers will leave the majority of your blogs comments despite representing only a small portion of it’s total visitors.

The following 10 tips should help you generate more blog comments.

1 - Make it easy to leave blog comments.
A simple and clean comments template located at the end of every blog post works best. You’d be surprised at how many people refuse to leave a comment if they need to enter answers to questions, navigate pop-up windows and figure out what some blurry letters spell. Keep it clean and simple.

2 - Ask for visitors to leave comments on your blog.
You’ll notice an instant boost in the number of comments you receive if you simply ask for visitors to leave their opinions. Don’t be dramatic about it but a subtle “I’d love to get reader feedback on this” or other similar request works wonders in blog posts. Asking for comments is a call to action.

3 - Enable Gravatars on your blog.
Gravatars, also known as globally recognized avatars, allow visitors to display a custom avatar next to their comment. For more information visit

4 - Reward visitors who leave blog comments.
You can reward good blog comments, or regular commenters, in a variety of ways. Widgets exist for example that display the names of those who have left the most comments. Perhaps even more effective would be to simply write ‘great comment’ when you come across one that stands out, don;t overdo the praise however or it becomes worthless.

5 - Interact with your visitors.
YOU should probably be your blogs most prolific comment writer. Visitors will often have questions or opinions to share, take the time to answer questions.

6 - Humility.
I personally avoid leaving a comment on a blog when the post author acts as if they know everything and are always right. If I see an author tear into someone who doesn’t agree with them, I’m likely leaving for good if I’m a first time reader. Accept criticism and learn from visitors as much as they learn from you.

7 - Comment on other blogs.
Get active by choosing a handful of other blogs on your subject and interact with them by leaving comments. Keep it short, concise and make sure you share your opinion. I’d recommend keeping things light but sometimes being controversial works too, if you can keep from becoming annoying. Your goal is to become a regular and allow visitors of other sites to get to know you.

8 - Clean up your blog.
The Feedburner Chicklet that says you have 7 subscribers is a stain, get rid of it. Pop up or pop under ads, annoying! Cheap articles that took no thought to create mixed in with 500 ads? yuck! Before you get regular visitors, you have a lot of first impressions to make. Clean and simple with neutral colors and a lot of white works best, take advantage and remove any extra code to speed things up at the same time.

9 - Set a goal and blog about it.
Readers will remember and may very well check in again to see how it’s going. They may not care how YOUR blog is doing, in fact they likely will be seeing if what you’re doing works for their own reasons, but it doesn’t matter. Make an impression by following through with your goals.

10 - Write solid articles.
Write blog posts that don’t sound like dictionary dribble and make sure they engage your readers attention by making them think. A reader with questions and opinions is more likely to interact with your blog.

11 - Yes, 11, you didn’t think there were just 10 ways did you?
Multi-task! If you’re looking for articles that interest you on other blogs so that you can leave some comments of your own… multi-task. Find articles with pagerank that don’t use nofollow if getting pagerank is your thing. Find articles that use the top commentators plug-in if raising technorati rank is your thing. Find articles about technology or webmaster related issues if you want to give your Alexa rank a boost. Just make sure you actually have something worthwhile to add. Not all blogs are created equal, some have side benefits.

12 - I reserved this spot just for you,
Share something that works by leaving a comment below and I’ll add it to the list. What has worked for you on your blog?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Prospecting 101

Monday, May 5, 2008

Time for some Spring Cleaning!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to be cleaning up this blog a bit... I'll be removing some of the things that aren't really worth my time and adding some things that I believe will produce more for me. And speaking of being more productive, I feel that de-cluttering the workspace is definitely something that will improve my productivity... I'll admit it, I'm a pack-rat! And the clutter just seems to accumulate exactly where I don't need it, causing distraction and frustration!
Whether you have an entire room or just a desk, make it a place where you like to be. Clutter can often make us feel out of control and overwhelmed. Nowhere in the house is this truer than in the home office. Once all the paper clutter is filed or thrown away take the time to beautify your workspace. I’m certainly not saying to go out and buy all new office supplies! Rather add some finishing touches from throughout the house. A picture frame with your child's photograph, a potted plant, flowers, candles, a pretty coffee cup for storing your pens, will all do the trick!
So let's all take advantage of the "Spring Cleaning" season, to clean up our lives and brighten our days! This might even cause us to find more inspiration and motivation to work toward those goals we're all striving to achieve!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who am I and why am I working from home?

I started this blog back in March of 2007, but didn't really do much with it. I think I posted about 5 times during the whole year! But then in March of 2008 I actually began posting regularly... Until now I haven't shared much of my personal life with you, but that's about to change. I feel it's important to form a relationship with your readers and to let them know that "Hey, I'm a real person"! =)
So, the first thing I'd like to share with you is my "Why" for doing what I'm doing with this blog. And why do I call myself Bay Area Mompreneur?
Well, my "Why" is simple... I am doing this for my family! Specifically my two little ones pictured here.
I've been a stay-at-home mom ever since my daughter Caitlin (on the left) was born... She's now 4 and Brandon is 2. Until then, I was a cosmetologist/hair dresser working at Sport Clips in Edmond, Oklahoma!
I feel it's important to be home for my kiddos and wouldn't want it any other way! Working from home is giving me the ability to do just that. As you have probably already figured out, I've got several projects I'm working on... and believe me, they do keep me busy! That's why I'm actually re-evaluating some of the things I've got going. I'm going to be revamping this blog soon and removing some of the items that I've found to be "Big Time Wasters" (at least in my opinion). I'll share with you what those are and the reason I'm dropping them as it happens. At the same time, I will also share with you the things that are working for me. And I will be putting more time and effort into those opportunities.
For tonight, one of the first things I'll share with you is that I just joined the Berry Tree and Nutronix a couple of weeks ago. I look forward to exploring the companies in more depth and growing my business with them while improving my health. They offer an exclusive line of over 20 unique natural nutritional supplements. Visit my Berry Tree site and/or my Nutronix site to learn more about what they have to offer!
And now, why do I call myself Bay Area Mompreneur? You can read more about the definition and meaning of Mompreneur by visiting What is a Mompreneur? It describes me perfectly! I've been a part of numerous home-based-businesses, I sell on eBay and Craigs List, I'm a fiber artist (knitting and crocheting) and I enjoy making jewelry to sell on Etsy. I'm also constantly on the look out for lucrative ways to monetize my websites as I own several domains and have a couple of online boutiques in the works. I'll be sharing these with you in the future.

As for the Bay Area part... We recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Silicon Valley) because my husband was hired by YAHOO!!! The company moved us out here at the end of December. We actually spent New Years Eve in a Hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We had movers that moved our "Stuff" for us, but we chose to drive our own cars out here. We took 4 days to drive from Aurora, Illinois, to the Bay Area. There was snow on the ground the whole way! But anyhow, that's how I have now become a "Bay Area Mompreneur"! Besides that, I thought it had a nice ring to it!
Well, enough said for tonight... I just wanted to put myself out there and share a bit of my personal side with you all... I look forward to getting to know you all as well! Until next time...

Friday, May 2, 2008

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