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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Eggs and a lesson for Success

Sonia Simone gives a wonderful analogy between an Easter Egg Hunt and Creating Your own Success. Here's a tidbit from her post:

"A lot of us look at jobs, wealth, and material stuff as being like that easter egg hunt. There's a finite number of eggs on the ground. We're surrounded by a large group of amoral, voracious toddlers primed for action. When we get the signal to go, we race around snatching up as many eggs as possible. And we don't take any time to notice who we elbow out of the way, because when they're gone, they're gone. There is actually another way to play the game. Make your own eggs"!

Read the post in it's entirety by visiting "What a Toddler Easter Egg Hunt Can Teach You About Success".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

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I just signed up for my own Money Magnet today! It's only $10 to join at the lowest level and you can earn unlimited $$$ from referring other's to get their own widget too! It's such a simple way to monetize your site and it updates in real-time. Check it out HERE!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No More Knocking On Doors!

Targeted ad space! List your direct sales business in The Direct Sales Pages and let customers find you. Space is limited!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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  • Sunday, March 23, 2008

    Marketing Your Website with Press Releases

    What is a Press Release?

    A press release is a newsworthy story about your business that you submit to various media outlets ~ newspapers, magazines, website, radio, television. This is a wonderful way to get free promotion for your website. Any story that the media picks up will be far more valuable than a paid advertising spot. Having the media do a story about you is like a personal endorsement of your website and business.

    What is the Appropriate Format for Your Press Release?

    Your press release should have six basic components and they are:

    1. Release Instructions

    "For Immediate Release";
    "For Release Before [date]" or
    "For Release After [date]"

    Use one of the latter two if your press release is of a time sensitive nature. For example, if you are holding a public speaking event, you will want to use the "For Release Before [date]" and make sure you input the final date for registrations. If you are using the "For Release Before [date]" ensure you are sensitive to media deadlines. Send your release out well in advance.

    2. Headline

    Write an attention-grabbing headline. Make it benefits-oriented (why would it be of interest to people?) and descriptive. Avoid hype and promotional language ~ remember, this is a news story.

    3. Contact Information

    Include as much information as possible here. Make it easy for the media to contact you. Include your phone number, address, company name, fax number, email and URL. Include the hours you are available at the listed phone number and add an after hours phone number, if applicable.

    4. Summary

    Before you get into the body of the release, write a sentence or two to summarize your press release. Make it interesting, you want the recipient to keep reading.

    5. Content

    This is the meat of your press release. Again, write a benefits-oriented story. Think of the target audience as you are writing. Your target audience is partly the editor or reporter who will be reading the release. Ultimately, however, your target audience is that editor or reporter's readers or audience. You need to write a story that will be of interest to them.

    The first paragraph should answer all the important questions - Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?

    Add some quotations to add credibility and to break up the story. Quotations can be from you about the topic. Testimonials or commentary from your customers are very effective as well.6.

    6. Signify the End of Your Release

    The end of your press release is shown by a few simple characters. Place ### at the end of your release.

    Other General Formatting Tips

    - Always remember that your press release is not an ad. It is a newsworthy story.

    - Address your release directly to the appropriate reporter or editor. The media receives many press releases each day. A release addressed to a specific person is more likely to get attention than a general submission.

    - Keep your release to about 1 page (or 2 pages maximum).

    - Number your pages 1 of 2, 2 of 2, etc.

    - Use active verbs.

    - Do not use excessive adjectives ~ they sound like hype.

    - Tweak your release when sending to different media outlets. If you are sending to the local paper your content may be slightly different than if you are sending it to a trade magazine.

    - If you are sending your release by mail, use 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

    - If you are sending your release by email, never send an attachment. Copy and paste your release into the body of the email.

    Where to Send your Press Release
    You need to build a media list and this will likely take some time. Start local and small. Local and/or small media are most likely to be interested in your story and it's the perfect way to hone your release writing skills. Besides, a lot of the larger media outlets scan the little guys to find stories to pick up.

    Try newspapers, trade journals, topic specific magazines, websites, radio shows, television show ~ whomever would be interested in your topic.

    Again, always remember to get specific contact information for your press release. A release address to a particular person will get a lot more attention than a general release sent to the media outlet.

    Alice Seba is a “Retired” Press Release Writer that now teaches other website owners to increase their media exposure. Find out how you can get the media to sing your praises by clicking HERE!

    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Amazing Money Making Opportunity with ZenZuu

    Take the first step towards the opportunity of a lifetime.

    Zenzuu allows you to creator a brighter financial future by allowing you to become a Zenzuu "REP". As a "REP" you can make direct commission, enjoy overrides from your world wide downline organization, receive matching bonus, partner development bonus, and more! Once you are a rep you have the ability to sign up UNLIMITED amounts of people which means your profit margins are limitless. With our easy to use tools to keep track of your downline it is easier then ever to make money and have fun doing it.
    Make Friends, Make Money, Make Sense!

    Helping the environment one candle at a time!

    A Shameless Plug...
    I just wanted to share with you a little about my newest business venture this evening. It doesn't hurt to mention it... and everyone loves candles! Right? I feel like I'm a mom on a mission!
    I just joined an All-Natural Gourmet Candle business opportunity. I've always loved candles, but have only recently become more aware of the toxicity of burning paraffin wax. Most candles fill a room with toxic, carcinogenic smoke and soot. In fact, burning paraffin candles releases many of the same toxins as diesel fuel.
    Here's a little background info on the
    process of making paraffin wax. It begins at the bottom of an oil barrel (the worst 5% or so that has been rejected by the gasoline industry). This by-product of crude oil is then mixed with another less-than-enticing substance known as industrial strength bleach. This is what gives wax its pleasant whiteness. As if that weren't enough, they then add stearic acid and a few other minor ingredients, and you have the very wax burning in most of your homes. Shocking isn't it?!
    soon as I became aware of these harmful toxins being released by paraffin wax I didn't want to expose my friends, family, or children to it anymore. That's why I was thrilled when I discovered an alternative non-toxic wax which is made from ingredients such as vegetables and other natural, renewable sources. It's entirely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It also burns practically soot free and it smells better than ANY candle I have ever smelled! Honestly!
    The clean glass and absence of black soot on the inside of the candle-holder is definitely comforting, when it is considered that this soot is the same substance being breathed when a paraffin candle is burned.
    Note: Many soy waxes are not what they seem to be. The law only mandates a small percentage of the wax to be soy-based in order to be called soy wax. Therefore many soy waxes are still made mostly of paraffin.
    There are also many other benefits of using these delicious smelling organic candles. Apart from being a healthy alternative to paraffin,
    the scents smell true-to-life from top to bottom, and they burn SLOW and EVEN too (retaining their fragrance stronger and longer).
    Last but not least, using these all natural waxes supports a renewable U.S. resource rather than an imported, limited oil supply. Let's support our U.S. farmers! Please visit my Organic Candle website to learn more about these wonderfully safe candles!

    I also want to make mention of a movement taking place on March 29th. If you haven't already heard about Earth Hour, click on the banner below to visit the site. I have already signed up to take part in this global event!

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008

    Offline Advertising Techniques That Cost Little or NO Money

    Today I am going to share with you three offline advertising tools that I am currently using. You might also want to consider using them when unleashing your business marketing strategies!

    * Out of home advertising

    How often have you been stuck in traffic and
    found yourself reading the car in front of you? I'm not
    suggesting that you run out and invest thousands of dollars
    to transform your car into a rolling billboard but a decal
    on your back window is a powerful way to gain recognition,
    especially local recognition for your business. WebDecal
    is a very reputable company that offers decals at a pretty
    affordable price. Visit their official website here:

    Consider also giving away freebies at local events.

    For example: if you sell sporting goods or even sports nutrition,
    give away bottles with your name and website on them at local
    sporting events. If you sell candles, give away tealights or votives with your business card!

    * Postcard advertising

    Postcard advertising is an extremely cost effective tool for
    getting your name out. You can purchase a list from a reputable
    seller online, from your local chamber of commerce or look into
    renting or purchasing a mailing list from relevant organizations
    and associations. For example, a website selling massage and
    physical therapy products could contact the physical therapy
    association and send postcards to the list.

    The key to good postcard advertising is in the copy. Make sure
    that you have a compelling headline, offer a benefit to your
    customers, and like any web copy, don't forget a call to action.
    Tell your customers what they need to do in order to receive the
    benefits of your products or services. Unlike web copy, though
    you need to keep postcard copy short and to the point. A great copywriting resource is Alice Seba's Copywriting Sweetie. Alice has a way of
    explaining things in simple terms that even the newest business
    owners can understand.

    * Neighborhood bulletins

    Many communities, organizations, and business groups offer free
    newsletters to their members. Often you'll find that the cost for
    advertising in these bulletins is free or very inexpensive.
    Consider the market reading the bulletin before placing an
    ad to make sure your audience is appropriate.

    Tuesday, March 18, 2008

    Money Making Inspiration


    There is no such thing as no chance.
    Don't think about the things you can't do.
    Think about the things you can do.

    No matter what the level of your ability is,
    you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.

    You have powers you never dreamed of.
    You can do things you never thought you could do.
    There are no limitations to what you can do
    except the limitations of your own mind.

    Your range of available choices right now is limitless.
    Look at things as they can be.

    That said, I have decided to move in a different direction with this blog. To give it a second chance.
    My range of choices IS limitless! I may even give Zaken another try... but I'm not limiting myself to Zaken. (I called them the other day just to verify that my options with the company are still open and available) I was told yes, that since I joined I'm a member for life, or so to speak... So... if and when I have time to sit down and make a few phone calls, I will...
    But I think that this blog is going to evolve into a blog about my quest to make money online. I KNOW it can be done. And I will share with you the paths I take and the progress that I make. After giving it much thought and research I have found several opportunities that I'm going to share with you!
    Adsense is one of them! It's definitely been slow starting out, but is picking up the pace daily... Since joining last year I have earned
    $23.71 to date. Now I know that doesn't seem like much, but as traffic to this site picks up, I believe that my profits will do the same. I am also posting their ads on my other blogs as well... If you're interested in finding out more about me and my hobbies and other projects, visit my other blogs by clicking on my profile. You'll find the other links there.

    My most recent business venture is with a Candle company. I love candles, so it seems like a perfect fit! Would you like some Money to Burn?!
    You can Profit With Candles - I'm offering a Free E-Course and Information Packet.
    Let me know if you're ready to achieve Wealth with Candles! Request Your FREE Information
    Packet on the Home-Based Candle Business today!

    Tuesday, March 4, 2008

    Gourmet Organic Candles

    I just joined this wonderful candle company today! They offer the most delicious smelling candles I've ever experienced, and they're safe too! Check out my company website by clicking on the jar candle below. You can also enter a drawing for a FREE jar candle by clicking on the jar once you've entered my website!

    And if you'd like more information about the business opportunity click the button below: