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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Offline Advertising Techniques That Cost Little or NO Money

Today I am going to share with you three offline advertising tools that I am currently using. You might also want to consider using them when unleashing your business marketing strategies!

* Out of home advertising

How often have you been stuck in traffic and
found yourself reading the car in front of you? I'm not
suggesting that you run out and invest thousands of dollars
to transform your car into a rolling billboard but a decal
on your back window is a powerful way to gain recognition,
especially local recognition for your business. WebDecal
is a very reputable company that offers decals at a pretty
affordable price. Visit their official website here:

Consider also giving away freebies at local events.

For example: if you sell sporting goods or even sports nutrition,
give away bottles with your name and website on them at local
sporting events. If you sell candles, give away tealights or votives with your business card!

* Postcard advertising

Postcard advertising is an extremely cost effective tool for
getting your name out. You can purchase a list from a reputable
seller online, from your local chamber of commerce or look into
renting or purchasing a mailing list from relevant organizations
and associations. For example, a website selling massage and
physical therapy products could contact the physical therapy
association and send postcards to the list.

The key to good postcard advertising is in the copy. Make sure
that you have a compelling headline, offer a benefit to your
customers, and like any web copy, don't forget a call to action.
Tell your customers what they need to do in order to receive the
benefits of your products or services. Unlike web copy, though
you need to keep postcard copy short and to the point. A great copywriting resource is Alice Seba's Copywriting Sweetie. Alice has a way of
explaining things in simple terms that even the newest business
owners can understand.

* Neighborhood bulletins

Many communities, organizations, and business groups offer free
newsletters to their members. Often you'll find that the cost for
advertising in these bulletins is free or very inexpensive.
Consider the market reading the bulletin before placing an
ad to make sure your audience is appropriate.

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