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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money Making Inspiration


There is no such thing as no chance.
Don't think about the things you can't do.
Think about the things you can do.

No matter what the level of your ability is,
you have more potential than you can ever develop in a lifetime.

You have powers you never dreamed of.
You can do things you never thought you could do.
There are no limitations to what you can do
except the limitations of your own mind.

Your range of available choices right now is limitless.
Look at things as they can be.

That said, I have decided to move in a different direction with this blog. To give it a second chance.
My range of choices IS limitless! I may even give Zaken another try... but I'm not limiting myself to Zaken. (I called them the other day just to verify that my options with the company are still open and available) I was told yes, that since I joined I'm a member for life, or so to speak... So... if and when I have time to sit down and make a few phone calls, I will...
But I think that this blog is going to evolve into a blog about my quest to make money online. I KNOW it can be done. And I will share with you the paths I take and the progress that I make. After giving it much thought and research I have found several opportunities that I'm going to share with you!
Adsense is one of them! It's definitely been slow starting out, but is picking up the pace daily... Since joining last year I have earned
$23.71 to date. Now I know that doesn't seem like much, but as traffic to this site picks up, I believe that my profits will do the same. I am also posting their ads on my other blogs as well... If you're interested in finding out more about me and my hobbies and other projects, visit my other blogs by clicking on my profile. You'll find the other links there.

My most recent business venture is with a Candle company. I love candles, so it seems like a perfect fit! Would you like some Money to Burn?!
You can Profit With Candles - I'm offering a Free E-Course and Information Packet.
Let me know if you're ready to achieve Wealth with Candles! Request Your FREE Information
Packet on the Home-Based Candle Business today!

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