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Friday, March 21, 2008

Helping the environment one candle at a time!

A Shameless Plug...
I just wanted to share with you a little about my newest business venture this evening. It doesn't hurt to mention it... and everyone loves candles! Right? I feel like I'm a mom on a mission!
I just joined an All-Natural Gourmet Candle business opportunity. I've always loved candles, but have only recently become more aware of the toxicity of burning paraffin wax. Most candles fill a room with toxic, carcinogenic smoke and soot. In fact, burning paraffin candles releases many of the same toxins as diesel fuel.
Here's a little background info on the
process of making paraffin wax. It begins at the bottom of an oil barrel (the worst 5% or so that has been rejected by the gasoline industry). This by-product of crude oil is then mixed with another less-than-enticing substance known as industrial strength bleach. This is what gives wax its pleasant whiteness. As if that weren't enough, they then add stearic acid and a few other minor ingredients, and you have the very wax burning in most of your homes. Shocking isn't it?!
soon as I became aware of these harmful toxins being released by paraffin wax I didn't want to expose my friends, family, or children to it anymore. That's why I was thrilled when I discovered an alternative non-toxic wax which is made from ingredients such as vegetables and other natural, renewable sources. It's entirely non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It also burns practically soot free and it smells better than ANY candle I have ever smelled! Honestly!
The clean glass and absence of black soot on the inside of the candle-holder is definitely comforting, when it is considered that this soot is the same substance being breathed when a paraffin candle is burned.
Note: Many soy waxes are not what they seem to be. The law only mandates a small percentage of the wax to be soy-based in order to be called soy wax. Therefore many soy waxes are still made mostly of paraffin.
There are also many other benefits of using these delicious smelling organic candles. Apart from being a healthy alternative to paraffin,
the scents smell true-to-life from top to bottom, and they burn SLOW and EVEN too (retaining their fragrance stronger and longer).
Last but not least, using these all natural waxes supports a renewable U.S. resource rather than an imported, limited oil supply. Let's support our U.S. farmers! Please visit my Organic Candle website to learn more about these wonderfully safe candles!

I also want to make mention of a movement taking place on March 29th. If you haven't already heard about Earth Hour, click on the banner below to visit the site. I have already signed up to take part in this global event!

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