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Thursday, September 25, 2008

MLM Spoof... from Todd Falcone (it's hilarious!)

I just received the funniest video via e-mail from Todd Falcone today. It read as follows:

"When something this good comes down the pipeline, how can you possibly resist getting involved?

Seriously though, whatever you do, look at this video.
It's at least worth a good belly laugh! It's my latest creation!

Seriously...if you don't laugh your rear end off at this one, I'm gonna have to go to comedy school again. Watch it. It is going to make you smile!

Have FUN in your Business!!

You've got to watch the 4-minute video above to tap into what Todd is about to say in this short training section. I've quoted him below:

"For years, I took my business very I still do today. But, I also learned many moons ago that it was important to 'lighten up' and have a good time while going about building your enterprise.

When I began to combine my "intensity" with being light-hearted and "fun", THAT is when my business began to explode.

Remember this. People want to be surrounded by individuals who are a pleasure to be around. If you get too serious, you'll find yourself not having fun.

Enjoy the journey on your way to success. Smile and laugh a lot. It is good medicine. And...please, watch this video if you haven't already!

Now, after watching might understand why I have so many people who attend my live trainings and my weekly conference calls. Feel free to forward that video to any of your network marketing friends for a good laugh. They deserve it!

Thanks for sharing this hilarious video Todd!

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