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Friday, May 23, 2008

The clean-up has begun

Well, I finally started the clean-up on my blog here to remove some of the programs that haven't produced anything and/or weren't worth the time and effort needed to make them work (at least in my opinion).
The first to go was TrafficZap Exchange. It may have generated a little traffic, but the pop-under was so annoying! Those of you that frequent my blog would probably agree, but I thank you for putting up with it until I came to my senses! It seemed to slow down the loading time of my page as well as interfering with my ability to click on links, etc... So... It had to go!
The next on the list was the Gomez PEER. They claim that you can earn cash for every minute your PC is on and connected to the Internet by running the Gomez PEER. They also claim that you will help them provide the most realistic picture of Web performance. Well, after the first night of running it I was ready to give up! My pc kept crashing and it took quite awhile just to earn one cent! I also noticed where they state "Be rewarded simply for being online! Earn over $1 per month just for having your PC online 20 hours a day!" Are they kidding??? $1 per month??? Needless to say, I canceled my account tonight and forfeited the whole 2 cents that I had earned. It definitely wasn't worth the headaches.
Anyways, there will be more clean-ups to report as soon as I sort through them. I will keep you posted on which ones I'm terminating and my reasons for dropping them.
I will also let you know what will be staying. And for all of my loyal Entrecard droppers out there... I am keeping Entrecard!
It treats me well and I can credit alot of my recent traffic to them. I myself may not be dropping as much as I did when I first joined Ecard, because it can become quite addicting. But I do think it's worth hanging onto. My newest goal with Ecard is to actually aim for more quality traffic now, and not just get the "hit and runners"...
That's all for tonight... I've really got to try and catch up on some sleep. It's been a busy week! I spent Tuesday evening at the Castro Valley Mom's Club's Pamper Night event. I had one of the vendor display tables set up with my Gourmet Candles. It was a fun event and I loved having the opportunity to share my Organic Scents with all the mommies... I'll try to post a few pictures of my display tomorrow. I haven't had a chance to download them yet. Until then... I hope you're all having a great week!

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